Smart Play develops through converting important modules into solutions to provide its platform service. Its platform service constructs individual content uploads and internal conversion processes in phases, and also advances development to create a connection with the video service for distribution.



We were able to design a new media sharing platform by taking into consideration very simple questions. Recently, although diverse videos and contents are conveniently used through a number of giant platforms, certain questions started to arise.  
First of all, we felt more confident that if we did not have properly translated subtitles, it would be hard to fully enjoy the video more reliably. Also, are we wondering about the starting point of content providers, and are profits properly distributed to non-large creators as well? Can we invest in the interesting content or creator? Why should we watch ads that we do not interested in while we are playing the content? Why is it that it's hard to see ads related to my taste even that boring ads? Eventually, from these trivial fundamental questions, we think about content sharing platform which is called Smart Play.

Smart Play Questions?

How can I post video content?
02   Can we share the profits with the personal provider?
03   Can I invest in interesting content?
04   Do I have to watch ads that I do not care about?
05   How much will the platform and the provider earn through advertising?

Smart Play Platform Structure Diagram

Media API Service

In order to upload video data on to Smart Play Platform, a separate service supporting such action is required.

Media API Service provides its open streaming service that can be used to upload media files. Once media files are uploaded, they run through a conversion process and automatically become distributable media data. Once content data collected through diverse routes run through a conversion process and become big data, they are dispersed and stored within the cloud service, so that their notification can be addressed to the streaming service upon requests for distribution.


Data mining & Bigdata Platform

All content data collected on Smart Play are stored in big data-type database for updating and forking.

In particular, since the storage area set based on the frequency of use is designed in an AI structure featuring deep learning, more prompt access to data with the possibility of being used frequently is guaranteed. Bigdata Platform guarantees stronger accessibility in comparison to other services since it is designed in an innovative AI structure used as a direct access tool rather than a simple analysis tool. Obviously, the data used for tracing and predicting video information based on big data analysis is structured to allow extractions. To provide global services in the future, the plan is to establish a group structure in the form of a server farm.


Streaming Service & Player

Smart Play Service plans to construct a media platform capable of providing simultaneous services to Korea and China.

Users will not be aware of its operating method since it runs under large-scale services. Simply put, every time a request for playing media files is made through users and links, it uses the global CDN to connect the address of data files towards large-scale video services, and also supports the front end service providing streaming through the involved large-scale services. It is manufactured in a standard configuration that operates on diverse players in addition to the players dedicated to Smart Play, and is scheduled to be manufactured to support a convenient porting function compatible with diverse global players.


Advertisement Service

Smart Play Platform’s advertisers are able to configure their advertisement distribution very efficiently and conveniently in comparison to other advertisements on other social network services

Through big data and AI, it is possible to predict the preferences and temporal characteristics of diverse customers, and it is possible to insert advertisements into preferred sections. This function is outlined on the advertisers’ administrator page to allow them to insert their advertisements into a particular section that is not the beginning or the end of a video. Such inserted advertisement video can be connected to any point in the video being played, and is configured so that it leads to the website where actual goods can be purchased.


Tracking Process Platform

When media files are played, certain general information can be recorded, such as what media file is used, when it is used, and how frequently it is used.

Diverse individual experience data occurring on Smart Play Platform are separately inputted into an individual database. Tracking Services is a service prepared to configure an environment where personal data can be individually parsed instead of simply generalizing customers in order to induce AI learning and provide optimized feedback to the involved customers.